Leaving The Duct Tape Life Behind

While watching a home improvement show last week I was treated to a rather interesting commercial about Duct Tape. Well, it wasn’t the usual duct tape – it was a newer brand – something like duct tape on steroids! Let me set the scene for you – though some of you may have seen this commercial as well.

The ladder to a young boy’s tree house is broken - one of the wooden rungs has snapped in half. But “Super Dad” shows up with his roll of the newest generation of duct tape and begins the repair. Sure enough, within minutes a grown man is standing on the repaired rung to prove the trustworthiness of his work. The ladder is fixed and all is right with the world – well, the tree-house world. That is, until the next time. By the way if you look closely you’ll see that dad isn’t standing on the “quack” covered by tape. His feet are hugging the edge of the board near the rope. Ah, duct tape!

First of all, I commend the commercial for the interaction of the dad and his son. It’s sadly missed in our world today. But I couldn’t help but feel a little sad as well by the end of the commercial. You see, at least in my mind, some valuable lessons we’re actually covered over by the duct tape.

It’s hard to believe that the same dad who apparently built the tree house would resort to a duct tape repair – it didn’t make any sense to me. Instead, I would think that the dad would get a new piece of treated wood and thread the rope through newly drilled holes. And by the way – if one of the rungs has broken, maybe it’s time to look at the whole ladder! Regrettable, by the end of the commercial the lesson taught is that duct tape can fix anything! The interesting thing about duct tape is that very few “in-the-field” techs use it for ducts at all!

Yes, the duct tape was a quick repair – and may well last for a while. But eventually, it will need to be replaced with a proper fix. A fix, I would add, that would have been a better investment of time between a dad and his son that would last for years to come – maybe even generationally!

I know, I know, I’m probably being a little too critical! But, it seems to me that many of us – okay, ME - take the duct tape approach with number of issues confronting us in life. We see the brokenness, but take the quick-fix repair as opposed to the long-term restoration that is needed. Perhaps I sense this more acutely because I’ve had to learn the hard way.

God looks at my life and sees the brokenness resulting from sin. My quick fix will never do. There isn’t enough duct tape in the world for that! Instead, He restores my brokenness through the power of the cross and empty tomb of His Son – every day! The Father restores the brokenness and allows me to return to serve, and even play, in a garden that will, one day, be fully restored, too!

(Shhh...don’t tell anyone, but until then, I’ll still keep a roll or two of duct tape around the house – even some super glue!)

Because of Grace,



“Surrendered to Surrounded Sovereignty” Text: Psalm 139
Pastor Bob Clark

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Pastor Sentenced to Prison

Source(s): Christian Solidarity Worldwide, China Aid 16 February 2017

On January 5, 2017, Pastor Yang Hua of Living Stone Church in Guizhou was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison. The day of his trial, police blocked the road in front of the court, and members of the public were barred from entering. Also, Yang's wife, Wang Hongwu, was "forcibly escorted" back to her apartment by officials who patrolled outside her home for the rest of the day.

Pastor Yang, also known as Li Guozhi, was formally arrested more than a year ago on suspicion of "divulging state secrets." (Charges relating to "state secrets," often levelled at activists and dissidents, can entail certain restrictions, such as family members not being allowed to attend the trial.) Wang says her husband plans to appeal the recent sentence.

The imprisoned pastor had previously been placed in administrative detention in December 2015 for "obstructing justice" and "gathering a crowd to disturb social order" before being put into criminal detention for "illegally holding state secrets." Church members perceive this as part of an attempt by the authorities to pressure the church into registering with the state or face closure. Currently, the circumstances in which legal stipulations are carried out eradicate all churches not controlled by the government, as was the case for the Living Stone Church.

Additionally, authorities imposed a fine that accrued to 110,296 Yuan ($20,956 CAD) between November 22nd and December 8th, 2016. They alleged that the church's members deviated from the approved use of their building, even though the Christians consistently reported all activities. For past reports on Pastor Yang's situation, visit this page.

Please uphold Pastor Yang and his family, praying that they will not be discouraged. Rather, may they rest in God's great love and mercy, knowing that His higher purposes will be fulfilled. Ask the Lord to also be with the church members as they move forward, seeking direction regarding a place to worship and how they can support one another. May they receive divine wisdom, direction and the empowerment to faithfully continue serving Him. Pray that the flames of God's Spirit will move all across China -- transforming the hearts of many!

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