“Billy’s Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – He Has A New Home!”

This week the Rev. William “Billy” Franklin Graham, Jr., rested from his earthly labors and entered into the glories of the Savior that he preached to thousands upon thousands. Inadequately said - He will be missed. His legacy, in short, will be that of faithfully proclaiming the message of the Gospel “in season and out of season.” I would imagine the reception line is still going!

I remember watching a number of his crusades as a youth – during what we would call “prime-time hours” today. Shortly after our marriage, Nedra and I attended a crusade in Cincinnati. Gathered in with those memories is one of listening to Billy preaching on the radio as I rode in the back of a station wagon following a fishing trip with friends. To this day I’m still a little confused why my friends even listened to it! But the message of grace and heaven clearly sounded from the speakers.

Billy will be remembered as a great evangelist of our era; perhaps one of the greatest of all time. But that would mean little to a man who sought to serve Christ with every breath and step. Known as “America’s Pastor,” Billy consulted with almost every president during his years of ministry. Only eternity will reveal how the Lord used a man name “Billy” in the lives of those He sovereignly appointed to guide the most powerful nation in the world. Yes, Billy will have his critics. Unfortunately, political pundits will emphasize that although known as America’s Pastor he was not without his flaws. In fact, it’s already happening if you follow any of the media outlets. Yet, Billy would be the first to gladly and graciously admit that he was never America’s “Perfect” Pastor. His life of humility will quickly overshadow their license for hubris.

For those of us who dare in grace to preach the Gospel, the towering image of an unflinching evangelist is one to embrace. While I may have my differences with some of Billy’s theology (as he would with mine), I will continue to admire his loving passion for lost people. With Christ, Paul, and others as models, Billy devoted himself to preach a message that demonstrated the “foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” And, as a result, the streets of heaven are lined with those of every tribe and tongue – men, women, boys and girls that God called to Himself through His servant Billy.

Though I’ve read little about Billy during these last several years I would think his heart and soul reflected the sentiment of Paul, “as it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” – Philippians 1:20,21.

May God continue to raise up individuals who boldly proclaim Christ as the only hope for all the world. And may we also take heart from his life and have the same zeal as expressed in the pages of his well-worn King James Bible, “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.”

With Great Respect for a Life of Worthy of the Gospel,




Title: “Hope Flows” 

Text: Romans 15:13 Pastor Bob Clark

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I’ve been thinking about how often Jesus lived His life around crowds, gave Himself to His disciples, and poured out His teaching to all who would hear. He opened his arms to children, gave water to the thirsty, fed the hungry, healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, ate meals with strangers. And every time, He received people—lots and lots of people. His entire life was full; not of solitude and centeredness, but of lots and lots of sick, dirty and lost people; of sacrifice, and what I believe must have been earthly chaos.

The new year brings with it thoughts of how we need to rearrange ourselves to be more centered, or more balanced. On my most recent trip to the U.S. I heard friends talk about their “need for more time,” how “life is getting away from them,” how they just “need to gain control of all these things.” Why do we think we can get control of time, our life, our spouse’s life or the lives of our children? We just can’t.

Sometimes I wonder about how we allow the world to tell us how we can control our lives.

We have control of many digital, automated, and mechanical things, and these things are helpful tools. We can do research, keep track of our calendar, book a vacation, organize family photos, scroll through the daily news, and communicate on social media. Those things we can control in our world.

How does this sense of control affect our personal lives and family?

Control should not be the goal When we believe that “having control” is something that can be attained in this life, then we fall into a trap of believing that our lives are out of control. But our lives are not digital devices, and we are allowed to have a life that is hectic, often out of order, or that is smack dab in the center of earthly chaos because, the truth is, we are.

We are told by the world that we can find centeredness and balance by following a certain program or moving our body in this way or that. And while there are great benefits to many of these programs, none of them will be lasting. We are conditioned into believing that control is within our reach.

In Madagascar I live in a context where there is no such thing as alone time; where finding anything close to centeredness happens in the company of lots and lots of people, and finding that inner quietness would possibly be the state of death (sorry, but that’s the truth). My life in this little fishing village is far from everything I want or desire, oceans away from complete, not what I would call balanced, and living and working here is a sacrifice that leaves me exhausted, hungry, dirty, and thirsty every day.

I’m allowed to be “totally spent” with people here, and be completely me (at least the Sakalava version of me); maybe listen in, maybe not listen so well; tune in and tune out; present, but absolutely tired. Sometimes I track with what people are saying, and sometimes I’m totally lost, and that’s OK. American culture is hard in that we don’t allow ourselves enough room and space to be what we are in each moment—whether we’re sick, daydreaming, confused, worn-out, sad, guilty, depressed, or whatever it is (but that’s just another blog post).

How can we rethink the thoughts that tell us we need “more time,” “more quiet,” “more balance,” and consider Jesus, His work, and the crowds?

Jesus can relate to the messy, sick, wandering, thirsty, out of whack, unbalanced, dreaming, tired, angry, chaotic, sad, empty, lost people.

Yes, you can get rid of or add to the things in your life that you are able to control, and at times that might be helpful. But in our personal lives it will always come down to Christ or no Christ. The program is to become more like Jesus. Becoming more dependent, learning to trust more, and letting go in the midst of the earthly chaos. Knowing and believing in your mind, heart, and action that He is the center. He is the balance. He is everything!

Perhaps you should go into your crowded chaos and see what happens. Blessings to my lonely, sick, tired, unbalanced, and messy friends.

Rebe McReynolds serves with MTW in Madagascar.


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