A Last Look At Omni

The focal point of last week’s sermon was the “Omni-ness” of God. Please don’t look that word up; you’ll quickly discover that it’s only a Bob-ism. Again, when we speak of God’s being we often call to mind the three Omni’s:

Omniscience – God has a complete knowledge of all things at all times Omnipresence – All things in this life are before God at all times Omnipotence – God has unlimited power to fulfill His sovereign will

And while the theology that explains each of these is overwhelming in scope, we must, as did David, find the practical implications and applications of living with this “Omni-God.” You see, if just one of the Omni statements is removed from the triad, God, our great God, ceases to be the God we truly want and desperately need. Let me try to explain this by expressing this premise through three theological equations – loosely speaking. I did something like this a while back in a sermon so it may sound familiar to many of you. I will need your help, however, in this exercise – it may even feel a little bit like a test since I’m counting on you to provide the answer. Test...did I say test? I meant, “an exercise.”

Ready? – Great, here we go.

Omniscient God + Omnipresent God - Omnipotent God = A God who ______________

Omnipotent God + Omniscient God - Omnipresent God = A God who ______________

Omnipresent God + Omnipotent God - Omniscient God = A God who ______________

How did you do? I’m sure you passed with flying colors!

You see if we remove just one of the attributes from the other two, we’re left with an insufficient, inadequate God. Let’s take this verse for an example:(I’m using the NIV because of its familiarity)

The Lord answered Moses, “Is the Lord’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.” – Numbers 11:23

Our answer to the question posed to Moses would have to be, “Yes, the Lord’s arm is too short!” And that, of course, would be heresy. But God’s arm isn’t too short, His ear isn’t’ too dull! (Isaiah 59:1). I bring this up because we sometimes find ourselves in situations where although we may not want to admit it, due to circumstances, this is our view of God. God, in one of those three ways, is not acting on our behalf. Listen to the statement of both Martha and Mary at the death of their brother, Lazarus (John 11).

“Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

What are they saying? That’s right! “If you had only been here, this wouldn’t have happened.” Have you said something like that? Okay, maybe not out loud – but did you think it? I have! Along with, also, other similar things arising from the being of God and His interaction in my life or in the lives of those close to me.

But Martha and Mary didn’t have verses 1-16 as a reference like we do – it gives us the context we need to understand theirs, and our situation. Jesus was all-knowing, all-presence, all-powerful in the death of Lazarus. His delay, His intentional, purposeful delay wasn’t a delay at all. Rather, the patience of Jesus, even allowing His good friend to die, was for a greater, God-glorifying purpose. One that would clearly reveal Jesus as the “Resurrection and the Life”!

Like the sisters, we need to be assured, fully assured, that our Lord is exactly who He claims to be – in all His Omni-ness. Knowing that whatever He is doing, however He is doing it, whenever He is doing it, will ultimately be that which brings Him OMIN-GLORY and will be for our OMNI-GOOD!




“A House, A Message, and A Meal” Text: Proverbs 9
Mr. Jeff Schrage

THIS SUNDAY – Jeff Schrage will continue our sermon series preaching on The Wisdom of God
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VICTORY LANE CAMP We all want to experience the joy of serving others and to share that joy with the next generation. See how Victory Lane Camp can give you the opportunity to do that through a local summer camp. Read one family’s story below.

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 India: Practical Church Planting

How much does it cost to plant a church in northern India?
Depending on the location it could cost a few thousand dollars a month for a rented space in the United States, and hundreds more for chairs and a projector.
The answer, according to VOM partner Leanna Cinquanta of TellAsia, is $150 in northern India.

“They need a mat to spread out for people to sit on, they need a drum to lead worship, and they need a few training materials and Bibles,” she said.
Leanna and other VOM partners have the volunteers ready. These men and woman don’t require a salary, because they minister in their free time. Most have been to Bible school, and desire to reach out to others in their communities, but they lack tools.

A willing volunteer plus a VOM Village Outreach Pack can start a church.

Reaching India for Jesus

Leanna started working closely with national missionaries doing village church planting work in northern India after learning of the huge need for Christians in the region. The area is considered the heart of Hinduism, with many committed Hindus.

Leaving behind a secure career path, Leanna arrived on her own, a single young foreign woman in northern India. She ended up living in the villages with the people: sleeping where they slept, eating what they ate and drinking what they drank. People were desperately poor, living off the land and restricted to diets of lentils and rice. They were too poor to afford anything else.

As a foreigner, Leanna’s body was not used to the Indian bacteria and microorganisms. She spent years suffering from various sicknesses, but she persisted. Eventually, she met an Indian believer, a convert from Hinduism. She called him “David,” believing that God was going to form him into a leader of his people. When they met, David was traveling daily to preach the gospel in surrounding villages. His family members were ardent Hindus and they thought David’s conversion was both ridiculous and shameful. When he returned at night, he was often locked out of the home and he would have to sleep on the ground. If he was ever allowed in, he was only given a little rice mixed with water to eat.

David’s father married him to a Hindu woman suffering from tuberculosis. Since tuberculosis can cause infertility even after it’s treated, David’s father was sentencing him to a life of shame in a culture where being childless is devastating. He also hoped the Hindu woman would convince David to return to Hinduism. Instead, David’s wife was healed and eventually had children. He grew into an effective Christian leader, training other Indian believers how to share the gospel.

Through her experiences in the villages and her friendship with David, Leanna realized the most effective way to share Christ with the Indian people was through other Indians. Today, she leads an organization that assists Indian evangelists to share the gospel on the front lines, often carrying only a mat, a drum and Bibles provided by VOM donors.

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