The Case for a Gospel Glossary

Wouldn’t it just be great if there were a “port” for downloading things into the brain?! Well, we don’t have a port, but we do have a process – learning. But even with the process I often fall into the trap of assuming we’re all speaking the same language. And that just isn’t the case.

For the last month or so in Sunday School we’ve been examining a number of denominations in attempt to better understand others in the faith as well as ourselves. In the process, some of you have shared with me a minor difficulty – a language problem. I tend to use a number of very specific - even technical terms - that often go unexplained. That can be a problem. To be fair, this isn’t actually the first time this has been brought to my attention. So, I’ve decided to take a break from our current study and do something that I hope will be beneficial for all of us - kind of like singing from the same page.

This Sunday following our brief Corporation Meeting immediately following worship (how’s that for a smooth heads-up) I’ll be leading a class on vocabulary – specifically, with “Biblical Inerrancy” in mind. See there – I just did it again. Words matter, we all know that. This is especially true when we’re explaining the very nature and function of Scripture. What’s interesting is that many of the words we use today in these efforts don’t even come from the Bible! We confidently believe that our gospel glossary today describes the attitude of the first century Christians when it came to their understanding of the integrity of God’s Word. But there’s a problem. One church’s view of “Paul’s” understanding of scripture is not always shared with another church’s view. That’s why we wind up with terms like this: “Inerrancy” and “Limited Inerrancy.” And, this can even reach down to what Bible translation you choose to read and study.

So this Sunday we’ll do some vocab! Words like:

- Inerrancy (Limited Inerrancy)

 - Infallibility

- Inspiration

- Canonicity

- Hermeneutics

- Plenary

- Perspicuity 


I know what you’re thinking, “WOW...you dare to dream it and then it comes TRUE!!”

I think you’ll find it helpful – and who knows? – Maybe even a little fun! So I hope you’ll join me, and others, this Sunday to satisfy that lexicological longing you’ve been hiding from all these years!

Etymologically Yours,



“An Appetite for His Delights” Text: Psalm 34:1-10
Pastor Bob Clark

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North Korea: Orphan Care

“Han Yong-jo” is not quite an orphan. His North Korean mother was sex-trafficked out of North Korea into China. There, she was married to a Chinese man who paid a fee to her broker. China’s One Child Policy and a cultural preference for boys created a generation of Chinese men without partners. Trafficked North Korean women fill some of that void.

Once in China, though, North Korean women have no legal status, no opportunity for education and are sometimes mistreated by their husbands. Many opt to abandon their families and defect to South Korea, which is what Han Yong-jo’s mother did. After she left, Han Yong-jo’s father was unable to care for him.

The number of North Korean orphans like Han Yong-jo in China increases daily. Adding to that number are orphans who lost their parents to starvation, prison, or martyrdom in North Korea, along with others who became separated from their parents along the defection trail. None of them have any sort of legal status in China, even those with one Chinese parent. To send them back to North Korea would mean death by starvation or imprisonment.

Han Yong-jo will be among the first children to experience family-centered care for North Korean orphans

During VOM’s years of ministry to North Koreans in China, field workers have met many of these orphans. They suffer not only from physical illness, but from deep psychological trauma. They need more than a building that provides lodging, food, and medical attention—they need a family. However, with no legal status, no one can adopt them.

This year, VOM will begin a pilot program for a family-oriented, orphan care home to address the needs of North Korean children and those of mixed North Korean/Chinese decent. Each child brought into the home will come through an existing North Korean Christian organization — a missionary, a church, or a North Korean receiving discipleship.

The home will be limited to five or six children and will function like a family. Staff and teachers will not only live with the children, but they will become the spiritual mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of these children. Teachers and staff will disciple the orphans, housing them not only in a building, but in the family of Christ; a family which, unlike their own families, will never leave nor abandon them. This method of

providing a family-centered place for orphans is what the underground North Korean church has long done anyway. VOM hopes to provide them the tools to minister in their methods, instead of the traditional Western orphanage method.

The future orphan care home is under renovation, and God is already at work drawing people to himself. The Christian worker directing the orphan care project also disciples several North Korean women who were sold and married to Chinese men, like Han Yong-jo’s mother. The husband of one of these women, who is not believer, was so impressed by the changes he saw in his wife’s life that he volunteered his time to work on the orphan home. As the Christian worker and the man have spent time working together, the Chinese man is opening up to Christ.

Please pray for the Chinese man, and all the children who will be touched through this orphan care project. Pray that God would reveal whether this kind of project can be multiplied all over China to care for North Korea orphans.
Posted: May 3, 2017

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