Memorial Day – The Price of a Celebration

On Monday many in our nation will take time to celebrate Memorial Day – from parades to pole position. Memorial day is a day for memories. Growing up as a child I still remember my grandparents and others calling it Decoration Day. “Back in the day” we often made our way from Cincinnati to Greenfield, OH, to decorate family gravesites. That trip was made in my uncle’s Buick that could muster no more than 30 mph. And did I mention that it had a convertible top...that was apparently only ornamental! Still, it was fun playing with the electric windows. We often rotated seating assignments during the adventure and there was nothing quite like sitting between Uncle Leavitt and Grandma on the road to “the country.” As I got older I began to think that Gilligan’s three-hour tour on the USS Minnow might have been step up from this trip experience! And there were other memories as well – hamburgers, potato salad, jello, and the sinister laugh of my cousin Art as he sent my ball flying into the neighbor’s yard during a game of croquet. Ah, the family Memorial Day outings!

My perspective changed over the years, especially after a four-year tour on a slightly larger craft than the Minnow; the USS Howard W. Gilmore, AS-16. The Gilmore was a submarine tender (floating repair ship) for nuclear subs. She was named for a man who lost his life in one of those Hollywood scenes where the captain sends his sub below for safety while he remains topside. My time in military service not only provided me with an invaluable experience and opportunity, but also a deep appreciation for our nation and its incredible history.

Despite what is going on in our country, and world, as a nation we still enjoy tremendous personal and group freedoms based largely on the acts of individuals like Howard W. Gilmore, and countless others who have made - and paid - the ultimate sacrifice in serving this country. And while currently navigating through turbulent times in our nation I hope we never reach the place where our complacency, or controversy, overshadows their commitment. When I think of all the freedoms we cherish and embrace, the privilege - even the right - to gather for public worship has to be one of the most important! Men and women have died to secure the liberty that allows open proclamation of faith in Christ in our nation – what an incredible blessing! The Scripture reminds us that our Sovereign God has so wondrously ordered our lives that we are living at this time and in the country for His ultimate Glory (Acts 17:26,27).

As you gather this Monday to celebrate Memorial Day with friends or family, my hope is that all of us will take time to both thank our Great God for the blessings bestowed upon Christ’s Church in America, and to also remember those who have made that possible through the sacrifice of life and love. While we wait for our greater citizenship in heaven, I pray that our lives in this country will demonstrate the privilege and the responsibility to live in the grace from the One who gave His life that we might truly be free!

May God truly Bless America,


P.S. – One more thing, wherever you may be Monday, watch-out for Art!


“Get Out of Bed and Do Something” 

Text: Ecclesiastes 10:18
Pastor Bob Clark

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A Bridal Brunch has been planned for Kayla Owens Saturday, May 27th at 10am at the church foyer. RSVP to Kariharr12@aol.com or to Kari (765-977-3660). Kayla is registered at Zola.


Sudan: Released After 17 Months

After 510 days in prison, Rev. Hassan Abduraheem and Mr. Abdulmonem Abdumawla were released on May 11, 2017, on a presidential pardon. The two were arrested in December 2015 along with VOM field worker Petr Jasek and Rev. Kuwa Shamal. Rev. Shamal was acquitted of all charges and released on Jan. 2, 2017, and Jasek was released on Feb. 26, 2017, also on a presidential pardon.

“My joy is now complete as my brothers are now free as well,” Jasek said following their release. Jasek, a Czech national, was sentenced to life in prison on Jan. 29 after a nine-month trial on charges including espionage, inciting strife between communities and illegally entering Sudan. Rev. Abduraheem and Abdumawla each received 12-year sentences for their roles in helping Jasek provide assistance to an injured student.

After Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir pardoned Jasek on Feb. 26, he was escorted back to his home country by a Czech Republic foreign minister.

Sudanese Christians faithfully supported the four men throughout their trial, appearing in the courtroom when allowed and standing in solidarity outside the courtroom when they weren’t. Jasek later talked about how encouraging it was to see them there and to hear the Christians singing hymns and praying.

Jasek spoke to Rev. Abduraheem at about midnight Sudan time following his release on May 11. “He told me that both he and Abdulmonem are in good health and were excited and so happy to be free,” Jasek said. “He also expressed thanks to all of those whom the Lord had used to push their case.”

Rev. Abduraheem told Jasek that he had no regrets about his time in prison because he could see the Lord’s purpose for him there. He was able to preach the gospel and encourage Christians in various prisons throughout Sudan, and his imprisonment also served to encourage and embolden the Sudanese church overall.

The pastor told Jasek that he has already forgiven those who interrogated and imprisoned him and that he feels no anger or bitterness. “I pray that the Lord Jesus would reveal himself to them as Lord, Savior and God,” he told Jasek.

The release of the two men is a bright spot in what has been a difficult year for Sudanese Christians. Earlier this month, the government began implementing its plans to demolish 27 churches they claim are built on land intended for other uses.

Government officials have also tried to confiscate property owned by the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Omdurman. Several church members have been detained, and on April 3 an elder was stabbed to death in related violence. These recent events near Khartoum take place against the backdrop of a years-long bombing campaign against Christian communities, schools and hospitals in the southern Nuba Mountains. To hear more about Petr Jasek’s time in prison, go to www.vomradio.net/petr.

Posted: May 12, 2017

Updated: May 15, 2017

Source: VOM Sources Posted: April 4, 2017 ©2017 The Voice of the Martyrs. All rights reserved. CONGRATULATIONS!!!



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