The Gospel – Only and Always the Gospel

At last week’s Men’s Prayer Breakfast I shared with those in attendance some thoughts about the Gospel. After all, without the Gospel there really isn’t anything else to talk about at all. Only the Gospel carries the language and the power to change lives in Jesus; there is no other substitute.

I often use a small devotional by C. John (Jack) Miller, “Saving Grace.” Jack Miller was one of those men who not only knew about the Gospel but also lived it everyday. As imperfectly as he may have lived out the Gospel he lived it out in Jesus. And, because of the Gospel, Jesus perfected His work for all eternity. This last week I came across one of his devotions about the Gospel – the gospel that I need to hear every day in my life. So I praise God for men, and women, like Jack Miller who allow me to savor the Savior in the Gospel through fresh eyes and a new heart! I thought I would share that devotion with you today. There will never be a day in this life that we don’t need to hear the Gospel! I pray that the Holy Spirit stirs your heart today with these truths. Actually, I wanted to say, “that I hope the Holy Spirit knocks your socks off with these truths!” Hmmm, maybe I just did :{)

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Mark 1:1

Jesus is the heart of the gospel; he is good news. What you get here at the beginning of Mark’s Gospel is a picture of Jesus as the compassionate servant. But the one who is compassionate also has power. Your faith will be weak if you think that Jesus has mercy for you, but no power; or if you think he’s powerful, but doesn’t really love you. Or perhaps you are pretending to be indifferent to Jesus, but deep down you’ve given up-you don’t think you can be forgiven, your sins are too bad; and you don’t think you can change, your efforts to improve have always fail. But Jesus has the power to cleanse those who don’t think they can be cleansed. He’s the savior, and he can make you free. He loves you. He’s not ashamed of you.

It can be hard to hold onto the truth about Jesus when you go out and face your problems again, when you experienced shame and think that no one loves you and that you’re alone. You have to cultivate a deep, personal knowledge of him and refused to other voices that draw your heart away from him. If you see that he is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, compassionate King, and omnipotent Savior, that’s enough to get you excited and be keep you moving towards him in faith.

“He loves you. He’s not ashamed of you.”

What child of God doesn’t need to hear that every day? This much I know – I DO! For the Gospel of Grace in the Lives of His Saints,



“A Name To Be Honored” Text: Matthew 6:1-15
Pastor Bob Clark

SUNDAY SCHOOL – Last week we began a new year in our Sunday School calendar. We will have classes for all grades and ages. For the adults we are offering two classes. “In Touch” - a class that will focus on articles taken from Touchstone Magazine. This class will be led by Elder Jim Roszell. Our second class will be a video class from the Ligonier 2017 National Conference “The Next 500 Years” - the class will focus on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and the challenge before the church to live faithfully to the Word of God in the world. Pastor Bob Clark will serve as a facilitator for this class.

CPC DIRECTORY – Draft copies for the New Directory will be on the counter Sunday morning for review of current listing – or new additions. If possible, please make corrections or changes before leaving today. Special note to Parents of College Students or recently Married Children: Please check your/their entry for the current address/phone information. Thank you for your help. We will print new church directories in October.

BABY SHOWER – Baby shower/prayer time for Lauren Joos, who is due at the end of September. We are going to meet this Sunday, September 17th after Sunday school (around noon). We will serve a light lunch, have a fellowship time, and then pray for Lauren and her growing family. Text or email Lori Fowler if you are able to attend and for the link for the registry. 765-914-5560 or lorifowler77@gmail.com

THURSDAY NIGHT LADIES STUDY Beginning September 21st, this group will meet every other Thursday evening from 6:30-7:30 pm at the church office. The study is a DVD by Sproul entitled "Dust to Glory." See Maureen Bradley for more information.

CHOIR REHEARSAL – Thursday, September 21st at 7:00 pm at the church

WOMENS MINISTRY KICKOFF BRUNCH – Kickoff brunch for all the women of our church September 23rd from 9:30am-11am. Come for a time of fellowship and to hear about the plans for this coming year. Please RSVP to Kari by text or phone 765-977-3660.

BIRTHRIGHT WALK – Join in this celebration of God’s precious gift- The Gift of Life! Saturday,

September 30th. Registration from 8-10 a.m. See Bulletin insert for more information.

FALL FESTIVAL – Saturday, October 7th at 4:00 p.m. at the Golden's. Grab some friends and come enjoy food, fun, and fellowship until sundown and games for all ages! Mark your calendars!

INSPIRE – Thursday, October 12th at the church from 6:45pm - 8:45pm. Ladies, mark your calendars!

ANNUAL LADIES ADVENT TEA – will be held Wednesday evening December 6th More details coming soon.



7 September 2017
Government officials in China’s Zhejiang province are currently monitoring churches to ensure that children aren’t attending.

In addition, more than 100 area churches received verbal warnings against teenagers attending church services, Sunday school or other church-related activities.

Many Christians are standing up for the religious freedom of Chinese youth, but they remain concerned about the future.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

o Pray that Christian children and teens will find new ways to grow in their faith and experience fellowship.

o Pray that their parents will remain strong in the faith and impart godly wisdom to their children.

o Pray for the authorities who try to prevent children from learning about Jesus and church members from meeting freely.


Women’s Ministry Kickoff Brunch Kickoff brunch for all the women of our church September 23rd from 9:30am-11am. Come for a time of fellowship and to hear about the plans for this coming year. Please RSVP to Kari by text or phone 765-977-3660.

Inspire – October 12th from 6:45pm -8:45pm in the CPC foyer (350 Henley Rd. Richmond, IN) Dessert & 2 speakers: 1 sharing a Practical focus & 1 sharing part of "Her Story" a testimony of God's faithfulness in her life. Fellowship, Connect, Discuss, Pray.

Annual Ladies Advent Tea will be held Wednesday evening December 6th! Ladies, mark your calendars! More details coming soon.

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