Children's Ministry


At Christ Presbyterian Church we want to help the next generation to grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ and in their love and commitment to Him.  Therefore, we take seriously the task of educating our youth in the truths of God's Word.

WE DESIRE not mere intellectual development but the transformation of lives lived to the glory of God.  In a day of moral and intellectual laxity, we believe that teaching which challenges, stimulates, and changes lives is desperately needed.  We provide learning opportunities which are true to the Bible and relevant to our children living in today's world. 

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Our Sunday School curriculum ensures your child will have a comprehensive biblical education.  We use Great Commission curriculum.  Sunday School classes are available for Preschool through High School children.       


Preschool through second grade children are dismissed prior to the sermon for their own age-appropriate worship time.


Fall 2012 "What We Teach and Why We Teach It"

Winter 2013  "Our North Star: The Bible"

Spring 2013  "The Importance of Family Worship"

Summer 2013 "Grace Parenting"

Fall 2013  "Parenting from an Eternal Perspective" 

Spring 2014  "How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home" 


The Christian faith is not just for Sunday!  A daily time of family worship is essential.  

Why learn the Shorter Catechism?  You may be wondering why is it important to learn the Shorter Catechism.  The following quote from Modern Reformation magazine entitled “Fathers, Instruct Your Children: Recovering the Practice of Catechism in the Home” will perhaps be helpful: “Catechism (from the Greek word catechesis) is simply instruction in the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.  Instead of replacing or supplanting the role of the Bible in Christian education, catechism ideally serves as the basis for it.  For the practice of catechism, as properly understood, is the Christian equivalent of looking at the box top of a jigsaw puzzle before one starts to put all of those hundreds of little pieces together.  It is very important to look at the big picture and have it clearly in mind, so that we do not bog down in details, or get endlessly sidetracked by some unimportant or irrelevant issue.  The theological categories given to us through catechism, help us to make sense out of the myriad of details found in the Scriptures themselves.  Catechism serves as a guide to better understanding Scripture.” 


Passing our faith on to the next generation calls for a partnership of church and home.  In the Great Expectations Program a traceable content of learning is recognized.  Great Expectations notebooks for your child are available at the church office. 


"Rearing Godly Children" 

"The Case for Catechism"

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