CPC Groups

We believe that in order for people to be assimilated into the life of the church they need two things: a place to give (ministry) and a place to get (small groups).  Our lives can be likened to a body of water. In order for that body of water to remain fresh it needs both to receive fresh water and be an outlet.  The life of a Christian is a healthy life when it is being stimulated both by giving and receiving.  We are persuaded that excellent ministry occurs in small group settings where there is genuine concern and an opportunity for sharing, discussion, prayer and discipleship.

Such an opportunity is offered in:


L - Learning: Studies from a biblical perspective keep the focus of the group on true biblical fellowship

I - Intercession is a very important element in our LIFE groups.  The members and friends of our church pray for one another as well as the church, its ministries and our community.

F - Fellowship is necessary if the unity, vision and sense of community are to be sustained in our church.  People need people and LIFE groups are a way for people to establish and build strong relationships.

E - Extension is the group reaching out.  The outreach may be to people in the church who seem to be on the fringes.  It may be to people outside the church in ned of the kind of ministry these groups provide.  To remain healthy the groups need to be outward-looking.

To join a LIFE Group please contact the leader for times and places of meetings.  

 Christ Presbyterian Church  -  (765).966.4017  -  350 Henley Rd. Richmond, IN 47374  -  Office@KnowingChrist.net