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Who We Are

Christ Presbyterian Church was formed in 1973 as a denomination of the Presbyterian Church of America. Since then, it has welcomed hundreds of friends and families into its doors to partake in worship, programs, and events that challenge, engage, and transform each member.

Our Core of Four


We believe worship should be enjoyed, which is why we are committed to providing meaningful and inspirational worship which honors God and encourages His people. Our preaching is based upon the Word of God and we seek to apply its truth.


Growing involves learning. At Christ Presbyterian Church we place a premium on expanding our understanding of who God is and what God has done for us in His Son, Jesus Christ.


We are not meant to face life or life’s problems alone. At Christ Presbyterian Church, we are committed to building strong relationships which comfort, support and encourage our members and friends. We build strong families and serve as one to those who need it the most.


We believe that there is a very real source of hope for us, our families, our city and our world. Jesus Christ lived, died and lives again to replace fear with peace and restlessness with contentment. We desire to share this good news with those around us.

Meet Our Leaders

As a Presbyterian congregation, we are governed by the representative form of government where spiritually qualified men called elders (or presbyters) are elected by the congregation to lead and encourage the church in obedience to Christ, her Head. We are also proud to be one of the fastest growing denominations in North America.

Our church is led by two boards of officers:  the Session and the Deacons. The Session consists of Elders, who are nominated and elected by the members of the ruling body of the church. The Elders are aided by the Deacons, who are also nominated and elected by members of the church. The Deacons perform works of mercy and service in the church and the community.


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